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The yearly Officers Meeting of the Harley-Davidson Owners Group of the Benelux was held, Sunday, January 31, 2011 in hotel Princeville in the city of Breda (the Nehterlands). This meeting was chaired by Liza van Hernen, HOG Benelux.

In the meeting MDA Europe was given the opportunity to forward a new proposal: let each chapter find a volunteer, who is willing to act as the intermediary between the chapter and MDA Europe. This contact person would also coordinate all MDA matters within his/her chapter.

The contact persons of the chapters will enhance cooperation of MDA Europe with the various chapters and make it less time consuming. Local possibilities for MDA activities, known by the chapter, could also be realized more efficiently. And of course the contact persons as local representatives and spokesmen will help to promote the MDA cause. Two examples of cooperation were given: the MDA ride-out would not be organized any more by only one chapter, but with the cooperation of the contact persons would take the form of a multiday journey, covering the area of the Benelux. Another example could be that the selling of MDA pins would not be restricted (because of the capacity of the MDA staff) to a number of events, but with the effort of the contact persons throughout the year.

The response from the meeting was promising. One participant asked Liza about the possibility to introduce the “Charity Officer” as an official function in the chapter’s organization, because chapters already support charity goals, but the volunteers involved did not enjoy the same recognition with a badge as the Activity Officers. Liza van Hernen proposed to realize the yearly multiday ride in the Benelux, which the HOG Benelux is planning, as a MDA-ride. This event, called by her as the “Blister Butt Ride” is scheduled for 2012 and has yet to be developed. During the break a number of representatives entered their chapter into the list of possible candidate contact persons. They took MDA’s business card and badge away for later search of a volunteer.

MDA Europe is hoping to be considerably amplified by the contact persons. The development of this important project will be closely followed.

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